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I am passionate about finding a way to improve our democracy and I love to quilt.  Just as quilting puts together a wonderful assortment of different fabrics into a beautiful and functional whole, I believe we can learn from quilting and find a way to piece together a positive future.

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Patchwork floor- 2 Year update

About life & quilting: maintenance is always easier than repairs. I installed this patchwork floor in August 2013.  I knew it would benefit from a light sanding and a few more coats of polyurethane at the end of its first year.  However, time and energy flew by.  I didn’t get around to maintenance until this […]

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Patchwork floor- the process

About quilting and life:  Beauty can shine through imperfections….Thank goodness! The process is simple, but time consuming.  I prepared the floor, cut the fabric, glued it down, let it dry, and then put on 16 coats of polyurethane.  It took every bit of 5 long days.  If I’d had more time I think it would […]

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Patchwork kitchen floor!

I’ve been working on my research, writing and quilting for a book about our money system. This means I’ve been getting by on very little. I’m living in my family home, which my parents purchased over 60 years ago.  It was built in 1929. In the 1960s they remodeled the kitchen, putting in new cabinets […]

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