My name is Virginia Hammon.  I am a mother, grandmother, educator, mediator and quilter. I have been very concerned about our democracy for many years. About 15 years ago, I thought that a key problem with our nation was the fact that few understand the federal financial reports. I spent years figuring them out—including why they were so confusing. I wrote a book and recommended a simpler format. On my way out the door to promote that book, I decided that the financial reports were only a symptom of a deeper problem: our money system. I spent the next 8 years reading everything I could find on economics and the money system. I’ve been working on a simple and clear explanation of it and an improvement we could choose.

Over the years of researching sometimes dull stuff, I made quilts for a creative break. As I got closer to completing the book, I began thinking about the best way to get the information out to as many people as possible. Discussing this with my cousin and copy editor, Jan Sturtevant, I said that my favorite places to go were quilt fabric stores. How about marketing the book there? She suggested a sampler quilt. Inspired! I’ve broken my topic down into 90 segments and I’m picking a block that illustrates each one. It’s been a hoot picking the blocks by their traditional names, and more fun picking the fabrics. I’ve also been making full editorial quilts using the blocks when there is an extra page. This book will publish in 2016.

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Highlights about me:

Mother, grandmother, sister, daughter

Internet entrepreneur

Founder, Board (7 yrs) & Head of Schools (10 yrs), Hawaii Montessori Schools

Founding Board member and various offices: West Hawaii Mediation Services

Founding board member: Mediation Centers of Hawaii

Community activist re: Parker Ranch Trust Accountability, Kamuela Hawaii

MS, Youth & Childcare Administration, Nova Southeastern University

American Montessori Society (3-6) Certification, Chaminade University

Mediation training, Neighborhood Justice Center, Honolulu

Managing Director, Mercury Graphic, Teheran, Iran (pre-revolution)

BA, Literature & Secondary Education, Lewis & Clark College