Passacaglia- round 2

Quilting & Life:  When going on an adventure be prepared to depart from plans.

I planned to make this quilt one round at a time, so that I could see all the rounds together. So, here’s round two:


LOL!  I hadn’t done more than audition a few long diamonds for round two before I HAD to make some pentagons and stars just to see how they might look.  It was fun to move the pieces from one center to another to see how they looked.  So here are some pictures of my play on Round 2:


Playing around also gave me a better sense of which centers made the most interesting rosettes.  I knew that I wasn’t going to be happy with some of the centers I made in Round 1, so I also played with some other fabrics.  It is such fun to see how different the star can look, depending on which point you use as center:


After playing around, I added a second round to most of the rosettes, but left them pinned, instead of sewing them together.  Then I returned the board to ‘order’ so I could see if I liked the balance of colors:


I’m fortunate to live with lots of trees around.  And, for onward inspiration from a walk:


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